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Advisory Services
The Company is a single point of source in all facets of corporate advisory.
The Company key strength is the provision of capital to fund the advisory services on a fixed cost basis in return for equity in the client. The equity earned in part or whole is issued as a dividend in Spećie to shareholders of the Company.
CIC operates in many jurisdictions providing practical knowledge to our Clients saving costs and avoiding transaction risks.
Capital Raising Solutions
CIC provides advisory and introduction services on a no capital raised fee commission basis. CIC is not a regulated entity to raise capital, but this unregulated position allows us to select the right funding solution, domicile, and jurisdiction without the focus of commissions in favour of the client's interests. CIC facilitates all legal, regulatory and public documentation as well as introducing regulated sponsors.
CIC is a specialist in Securitisation of illiquid assets for capital, pre-IPO and "angel" funding". 
Our Fee Structure
CIC seeks payment in the majority, equity in the client company, part cash based on achieved successful milestones.
CIC provides shares earned, to its shareholders as a dividend in specie in part or whole.
CIC shareholders are in the majority sophisticated investors and leading institutional funds based internationally providing a valuable contribution to future distribution  (buying & selling)  of your shares once admitted to trading.